Brian Seaworth

Brian Seaworth

Vote on November 4th

Send Brian Seaworth back to the State House.

Less Spending, Lower Taxes, Smaller Government.

The last time you elected me to represent you in the legislature, we created a budget that came in just 1% under actual revenue. We then created a spending plan that stayed within that projected revenue. In doing so, we eliminated the $800 million deficit created by the previous cycle without raising taxes. The budget cut of 11% created a balanced budget through reduced spending. We did not need to borrow or raise taxes to finance ever-growing spending.

New Hampshire remains the best State in our nation by many, many measures. Recent studies rank New Hampshire as best in quality of life, low crime, health, and the best environment for children. Please join with me to protect the New Hampshire "Advantage" of limited government, low taxes, local control, and personal freedom.

I received an A+ based on my voting record from NH Families for Education. In my next term, I will continue to support legislation that empowers parents, teachers, and towns to improve education while reducing costs.

As a small business owner, I understand the importance of holding the line on taxes and reducing government red-tape, especially in a difficult economy. We have made progress in the last two years, but the legislature needs to stay on the path that it has begun. We cannot go back to hundreds of millions of dollars in deficits spending, over one-hundred increases in fees, taxes and borrowing from our children and grandchildren to cover operating costs. We must stop burdening our businesses with increased regulation and return New Hampshire to a place where businesses will come to succeed. Based on my record, I have been endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Business and Americans for Prosperity gave me A rating, calling me an "Advocate of Prosperity."

I ask for your vote on November 4th and as your Representative, I will continue to support smaller government, increased local control, and sensible government spending.



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New Hampshire Liberty Alliance

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